10 Super Cute Dogs That Don't Shed

10 Super Cute Dogs That Don't Shed




Keep Your Vacuum In The Closet And Adopt One Of These Low-Maintenance, Hypoallergenic Dogs.
1. Tibetan Terrier
Maltese Terriers Are Known For Their Gorgeous White Silky Coats, But You Won't Find Them Shedding On Your Furniture Or Clothes. These Little Dogs Are Sprightly, Playful, And Very Loving.

2.Chinese Crested
This Dog Breed Kind Of Looks Like A Cross Between A Dog, A Pony, And A Mythical Creature And That's A Beautiful Thing. Chinese Crested's Are Renowned Lap Dogs, So They're Most Happy When Cuddling With The Family.

3. Brussels Griffon
Brussels Griffon Dogs Are Known For Their Watchdog Abilities And Their Friendly Disposition. But Brussels Griffons Are Also Hypoallergenic Dogs As They Shed Hardly Any Hair At All. While They Tend To Bond With One Person More Than Others, Brussels Griffon Dogs Make Excellent Pets For Families With Children.

4. Portugese Water Dog
The Muscular Portuguese Water Dog Is Loyal And Energetic. Their Coat Sheds Very Little And They Are Considered A Hypoallergenic Breed, But The Portuguese Water Dog Still Requires Regular Grooming.

5.Bichon Frise
Bred To Be Hypoallergenic, Bichons Are One Of The American Kennel Club's Top Picks For Allergy Sufferers. Their Name Is French For "Fluffy White Dog," And It's The Perfect Descriptor For The Cuddly Little Cotton Balls. Their Small Size Also Makes Them Great For Cozy Living Spaces.

6.Maltese Shih Tzu
If You're Looking For A Pup That Just Wants To Love On You All Day, Look No Further Than A Maltese Shih Tzu. A Hybrid Of The Two Breeds, These Pups Are Bred Solely To Be Companion Dogs For People With Allergies, Are Obedient, Outgoing, And Always Affectionate.

7. Schnauzer (Miniature Or Standard)
Schnauzers Are A Smart, High-Energy Breed, Whether Miniature Or Standard. Schnauzers Make Excellent Watchdogs, Guard Dogs, And Vermin Hunters, But Are Also Popular As Companion Pets Due To Their Loyal Nature And Hypoallergenic Coat.

The Alert And Energetic Basenji Is Originally From Central Africa And Was Bred As A Hunting Dog. While They Can Be Tricky To Train, Basenjis Are Intelligent And Respond Well To Consistency. Their Coats Sheds Little, Is Hypoallergenic, And Requires A Minimum Amount Of Grooming.

9.Bouvier Des Flandres
A Dog Bred For Herding And General Farm Duties, The Bouvier Des Flandres Has Taken On Many Roles Including Guard Dog, Police Dog, And, Of Course, Loving Pet. Bouviers Are Tireless Workers As Well As Gentle And Loyal Companions. Their Coat Is Known To Be Good For People With Allergies, But It Requires A Lot Of Maintenance.

What Started Out As A Crossbreed In The Late-1980s Is Now A Popular Hypoallergenic Pet - The Labradoodle. A Mix Between A Labrador Retriever And A Standard Or Miniature Poodle, The Labradoodle Is Not Technically A Breed In Itself, But It Could Be Headed That Way In The Future. Well-Bred Labradoodles Are Naturally Friendly And Active, And Make Good Family Pets.



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