9 Interesting Facts about Cat Whiskers

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9 Interesting Facts about Cat Whiskers 
What’S The Deal With Whiskers? These Seemingly Innocuous Feline Attributes Serve A Much More Important Purpose Than You Might Have Realized. Cat Whiskers Are More Than Just Adorable Li’L Hairs On Your Cat’S Muzzle: They’Re A Tool For Communication And Survival. Read On For Six Things You Might Not Have Known About Your Cat’S Whiskers!
1. The Word “Whisker” Dates To Around 1600 And Was Originally A Playful Formation From The Middle English Word “Wisker” Meaning Anything That Whisks Or Sweeps. Your Cat’S Whiskers Are Like Little Brooms!

2. Cats’ Whiskers Are Not Just Like Typical Hairs.
Unlike Cat Fur, Whiskers Are Rooted Much Deeper In Cat’S Skin. They Are A Noticeable Feature Of The Cat That Grow On Specific Areas And Extend The Feline’S Sense Of Touch. Connected To The Cat’S Nervous System, Whiskers Send Information Directly To The Sensory Nerves. 
3. Whiskers Can Be Found On Other Parts Of Cat’S Body.
Since Whiskers Are Mostly Noticed On Cat’S Nose, Some Might Think That It Can Only Be Found There. But Actually, They Are Also Seen On Other Parts Of The Cat’S Body Like Chin Area, Above The Eyes, And Back Of The Legs(Leg Whiskers) Too. Whiskers Often Serve As A Protection And Help Cats In Climbing.
4. Whiskers Help The Cat “See” In The Dark.
At The Tips Of The Whiskers Is An Organ Called A Proprietor Which Sends Signals To The Brain And Nervous System. This Helps The Cat Know Where Every Part Of Its Body Is. It Can Sense Even Small Changes In Air Current, Which Is Very Helpful In The Dark (Feeling Air Flow Change Around Furniture) Or When Chasing Prey.

5. Whiskers Let The Cat Know If It Will Fit
Do You Ever Cringe, Like Me, When You See A Cat Go Into A Tiny Space, Wondering If It Will Be Able To Get Out? A Cat’S Whiskers Are About As Long As The Cat Is Wide. This Helps The Cat Know If It Can Fit Through A Narrow Space. You Might See A Cat Put Its Head Through An Opening Several Times Before Entering As It Judges The Size. Cats Don’T Have A True Collar Bone So They Can Twist Around And Fit In Small Spaces.
6.Whiskers Help Your Cat Determine If They’Ll Fit Into A Tight Space. 
Your Cat’S Whiskers Tend To Be About As Long As Your Cat Is Wide, So They Help Her To Figure Out How Wide An Opening Is And Whether She’Ll Fit Through It.
7. Whiskers Often Indicate Mood.
 Pulled Back Against The Cheeks Can Mean Kitty Is Scared Or Angry; Relaxed Whiskers Mean A Relaxed And Happy Cat. Whiskers Pointed Out Front And Tense Generally Mean The Cat Is Feeling Aggressive Or Is In Hunting Mode; The Cat May Also Be Curious If It Is Taking A Reading Of The Environment.

8. Cat Whiskers Are Extremely Sensitive.
Since They Are Not Just A Typical Hair And They Contain Lots Of Nerve Cells, Cat Whiskers Are Highly Sensitive That’S Why You Should Never Trim Or Pull Them. A Cat Won’T Only Feel Discomfort But Dizziness And Fear Too. Cat Owners Must Take Care Of Their Cats’ Whiskers By Not Letting Anything Put Pressure On It.
9. They Are Used To Determine If They Can Fit Through An Opening.
Through The Use Of Whiskers, Cats Can Determine Whether They Can Fit Through An Opening Or Not. They Are Sensory Antennae Which Make The Cat Feel The Wall Before Crashing Into It. Cats Are Able To Squeeze Themselves Into Small Spaces Without Getting Stuck.

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