How To Get Your Dog To Stop Digging

How To Get Your Dog To Stop Digging

How To Get Your Dog To Stop Digging

Has Your Dog Turned Your Yard Into A Moonscape With Craters Everywhere? If So, The First Thing You Should Know Is That Your Dog Isn't Doing This Out Of Spite Or A Desire To Destroy Your Landscaping.

Why Do Dogs Dig Holes?

  • In Classic “Dig Your Way Out Of Prison” Fashion, They Are Attempting To Escape The Yard.
  • They May Be Escaping Something They Fear — Neighborhood Dogs Or Natural Events Such As Thunderstorms.
  • Anxiety And Separation Issues That Arose From Their General Lifestyle, Not Necessarily From The Condition Of The Backyard.
  • They Might Hear The Sounds Of Underground Creatures And Bugs, Or Smell Something Buried In The Ground, And Dig Holes To Attempt To Find Them. This Will Often Cause Random Placement Of Holes Around Your Yard.
  • To Escape The Summer Heat — If You Live In A Hot Area, Your Dog May Try To Dig Himself A Cool Hole To Rest In.
  • They Could Be Lacking Certain Minerals In Their Diet, And Dig Holes In The Hope Of Finding Them In The Soil In Your Yard.
  • Terrier Breeds Are Natural Hunting Dogs, And Will Instinctively Dig In The Ground For Prey Or Food. There’S No Point Trying To Deny Their Instincts.
  • Your Dog May Be Digging A Hole To Stash Away Food Or Items Of Shelter. This Is A Natural Preservation Instinct.
  • Female Dogs May Dig Holes As Part Of Their Natural Mating Behavior.

    Digging’S What I Do!

    There Are Some Dogs Who Will Continue To Dig No Matter What You Do To Stop It. Earth Dogs, For Example, Have An Overwhelming Urge To Dig That Is Bred Into Them. A Solution For Your Yard And Your Dog Is Something Called A Digging Pit, A Specific Area Where He Can Satisfy His Urges To His Heart’S Content.

    You Can Build A Digging Pit Yourself In Less Time Than It Takes To Mow Your Lawn. Survey Your Yard And Pick A Spot Where It Would Be Okay For Your Dog To Dig. Place Stones Or Brick Around The Area To Be Used As A Sight Cue For Training. Turn Over The Soil A Bit, And Mix In Some Sand To Keep It Loose And To Improve Drainage. For Training, Start By Burying A Toy, Chew, Or Treat To Induce Him To Dig In The Pit. Bring Your Dog Outside And Persuade Him To Dig In The Pit. Stay With Him The Next Few Times You Go Out To Be Sure He Continues To Dig Where You Want Him To, Using Praise And Rewards When He Does It Right. Correct And Direct Him To The Digging Pit If He Tries To Dig Anywhere Else. Keep Your Pit Full, And Add A Toy Or Chew To Keep Him Interested.

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