How to tell if your dog has a fever ?

How to tell if your dog has a fever ?

How to tell if your dog has a fever?

dog has a fever

1.First look at the dog temperature

The temperature must be the main basis for the dog's fever. The normal body temperature of the dog is between 37.5 and 38.5 degrees, the puppies will be higher, and if the temperature of the dog exceeds 39.5 degrees, it means that it is really in I have a fever.

2.Dog mental state

If a dog usually jumps alive and suddenly finds it strange, it is not as active as usual, like a dog is always lying on its stomach, or when you call it enthusiastically, it does not respond. At this time, it may be that the body is in discomfort.

 Dog mental state -

3.Dog appetite

For dogs, food is very tempting, so the change in appetite is actually very obvious. If you find that it is suddenly not interested in food, just lick a few times and go away, then you must pay special attention to your body. There may be a situation.

4.Dog nose changes

As long as the dog is uncomfortable, the warning signs of the nose will come quickly. If the dog's nose is dry and hot, it means that it may be unwell, but the dog will secrete mucus to keep the nose wet. It cannot be used as an accurate basis.



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