3D Face Bracket Nasal Pad Frame

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Excellent Face Companion

Protect Lipstick Makeup:3d face bracket is ergonomic,fits the face perfectly,and protects the lipstick makeup from being wiped off by the ;

Breathing more Smooth:Face lipstick protector separating the mouth and face,inner support frame can increase breathing space and make breathing more smooth;

Keep Inner Clean:3d face bracket - nasal pad separate the mouth and the face to keep the inside of the face clean and make the reusable.

Premium and Safe Material:Face frame support made of food-grade silicone material,soft,smooth and comfortable,non-toxic and harmless,non-irritating to the skin,washable and reusable.

Suitable for All:face support bracket humanized design,face bracket support can be placed inside all types msks.

1.After extending the mks, place under face protector inside the mks;
2.Wear a mks;
3.Adjust the position of inner pad bracket to make it more comfortable to wear.
Warm suggestions:
1.If you feel internal support frame movable when your wearing please use double-sided adhesive tape to fix it inside the mks.
2.For the first use,please use warm water for disinfection and cleaning lipstick protection bracket.

Size:4.3*3.5*1.9 In
Material: Food-grade silicone material