Adapter Attachment for Power Drill Drivers

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How to use it?
Steps 1: Install the Wire Stripper and Twister on the hand drill chuck and clamp it (note: the drill must confirm clockwise rotation).
Steps 2: Pass the wires to be connected in the wire hole and try to keep the cables through the hole to the same level. (See image no.3)
Steps 3: Clamp all the wires with a wire cutter and keep the pliers and the Wire Twisting Tool as close as possible. (See image no.4)
Steps 4: Start the electric drill, the speed of the electric drill can't be too fast, the starting electric drill must not pull back, but push it slightly in the direction of the pliers.
Kindly Remind: The first time you use the twister, you may not have a good twisting effect. You can practice using some old wires.

➤ Please search "wire stripping tool" on YOUTUBE to find the using video. Please feel free to contact us if there is anyting we can help. Thank you.