AIDIER Anti-Pollution Cycling Mask Activated Carbon Filtration Exhaust Gas Biking Mask PM 2.5 Face Mask for Running Motorcycling Riding and Hiking

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Product Description

AIDIER Anti-Pollution Mouth Mask Anti-Dust Cycling Mask Activated Carbon Filtration Exhaust Gas


- Simple design, lightweight and portable. Suitable for most people.

- With adjustable HOOk&LOOP, this mask is not easy to fall off.

- Fit comfortably under helmet. Avoid inhalation of automobile exhaust when you're riding.

- Good Protection against gases, smells, PM 2.5, second smoke, pollen and particulates.

- Suitable for outdoor activities such as running, jogging, biking, cycling, riding, hiking, skiing, snowboarding.


- The cover of mask is washable. Please take off the filter when washing( the activated carbon filters can't be washed).

- Under normal circumstances, the filter is recommended to be replaced every 30 days. If the the mask used frequently, please replace the filter when it became black or be damaged.