Baby Ear Protection (0-2+ Years) - Comfortable and Adjustable Baby Ear Muffs Noise Protection for Infants & Newborns

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Lower the Noise, Not the Fun, with Smart Friday Baby Ear Protection
Babies are more sensitive to loud noises than adults are. Because the ear canal is smaller in children, the sound pressure that is generated in the ears is greater compared to adults. In other words, loud sounds are even louder for babies. Yes, hearing damage due to noise exposure is permanent and cumulative, but if you want to see the world with your baby or toddler, and you are afraid to risk that too much noise can possibly damage their ears, FridayBaby is here to help.
Designed specifically for newborn babies, infants and toddlers, our noise cancelling headphones are the product you have been looking for. Comfortable, adjustable, and incredibly lightweight (under 7 ounces), FridayBaby ear protection headphones are created to put absolutely no pressure on their ears or head, making them an ideal choice for:
- Live Concerts and Events
- Airplane Rides or Airshows
- Movies
- Car Road Trips
- Improved Sleep While Traveling
- Firework Shows
- Motorboats
- Football Games
- And More Outdoor Events

Crafted with high quality materials, FridayBaby hearing protection earmuffs have received the best noise reduction rating possible. The comfortable leather-like cover on the headband keeps your baby from wanting to get the headphones off, which means they will actually be able to do their job.
Protect Their Ears. Save The Adventure.
Choose from our two fun colors and let the fun begin. The weekend always starts with FridayBaby.

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