Baby Ear Protection – Baby Ear Muffs

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PROTECT YOUR NEWBORN: Baby ear protection limits your infant’s exposure to sound during the early years. Whether it impairs sleep or potentially damages hearing, ear protection for kids is essential.
EASILY ADJUSTED, UNIVERSAL FIT: Alpine Muffy baby ear muffs are designed to fit all babies without pressuring the head. Comfortable and compact, the infant ear protection is gentle on ears.
SAFE & SECURE: Alpine baby and toddler ear protection is an innovative and practical design. The baby noise cancelling headphones come with an extra strap and a carrying pouch.
TESTED AND CERTIFIED: Thoroughly tested for proven baby headphones noise reduction to 18 dB in accordance with European Regulations. Use the toddler ear protection with confidence.
AWARD-WINNING DESIGN: Alpine is an innovator and leader in quality hearing protection. Our noise reducing and noise cancelling earplugs allow you to do what you love without risking ear damage!