Baseus USB HUB USB 3.0 USB C HUB for MacBook Pro Surface USB Type C HUB USB 2.0 Adapter with Micro USB for Computer USB Splitter

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-Different ①:  2 in 1 Plug & USB 3.0 Plug & USB C Plug
-Different ②:  0.1m&1m Cable Length
-Different ③:  Black&White Color
Port Specification 
-USB 3.0: Data Transfer 5Gbps (1G movie can be transmitted in 5 seconds)
-USB 2.0: Data Transfer 480Mbps
-Micro USB Port: Supply Power for USB HUB (Can't supply power for laptop)
High capacity hard disk work need micro usb port supply. 
LED Light can't adjustment.0_010_020_030_040_050_060_070_08