Cleaning Gloves, Reusable Rubber Kitchen Gloves Heavy Duty for Cooking, Washing Kitchen, Bathroom, Car & More, Creamy White, 3 Pairs, Size-M

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[Environmentally friendly] This BOOMJOY cleaning gloves are made of Nitrile which is food grade, safe, healthy, good ventilation and environmentally friendly. BPA free.
[Extraordinary strength] These gloves are durable in use, even the sharp objects such as knife, scouring ball and cullet are not able to cut them. Well protect your hands during dishwashing and other household chores
[Skid resistance] The palm is full of raised diamond anti-slid particles, easy to firmly grasp slippery stuff
[Anti-corrosion] Keep your hands safe when using harsh chemicals, acid and alkali, also high temperature resistance
[Easy cleaning] These rubber gloves are easy to clean, superior waterproof, oilproof and anti-dirt performance


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