Disposable Gloves II,Nitrile Kitchen Large Black Non Latex Daily Supplies for Food Service/Mechanic/Cleaning/Paint/Tattoo/Cooking/Hair Coloring Durable,Fit by NOSAME

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Color: Black  |  Size: Large

About us
Nosame disposable nitrile gloves is aimed at creating high quality gloves, providing great service, and bringing excellent experience for the clients.

Used for a long time: Nitrile is the most recommended material for disposable gloves.Our gloves, thicker than standard nitrile gloves, more durable compared with latex or vinyl gloves avoid the nail poking and tool piercing. 24-month shelf time is long enough for you to keep.

Wonderful experience: Strong ductility of the large gloves assures that they can greatly fit your hand shapes. Good adhesion and thickness endow them unsurpassed tactile sensitivity, so you can handle with all sorts of complex jobs just like wearing nothing.

Hands protective: Oil, acid and alkali resistant, our black gloves can keep your hands away from dirty, oil, grease, grim and so on. They are packed in an inner plastic bag in case the dust, very sanitary and safe.

Visual enjoyment: Together with professional appearance, our black gloves follow the principles of human body aesthetic. Wearing them, you may have such a visual perception that the fingers have become slender and the palms, narrow.

Multiple uses: Suitable for industry, gardening, food prep, kitchen, ,restaurant, painting, dye, shop, bbq, barber, hair coloring, gardening, dishwashing, esthetician work, tattoo.

Great service: We promise to refund or return if the gloves cannot meet your needs; we promise to give you help at any time.

Material: Nitrile
Texture: Textured fingers
Size: L
Dimension: 9.5*5.3*3.5 inches

Package information
1* inner plastic bag
100pcs in a gloves extraction box