Tophatter fashion Women Bodysuit Weight Loss Shapewear

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Material: 100%Neoprene
QUALITY MATERIALS & COMFORTABLE: Using advanced foamed neoprene technology,Greatly improves the flexibility and softer texture of the bodysuit. Has a superb heat storage capacity.Lightweight,compact and fit. No heavy feeling, support any sport.
FAST WEIGHT LOSS: Women Full Body Shaper can quickly heat up your core area of abdomen, stimulate better perspiration, burn excess fat, and achieve your weight loss goal faster.
SWEAT MORE & BODY SHAPER: Sauna Suit can generate a lot of heat when you exercise, quickly raise your temperature, sweat 3 times more than usual, increase your metabolism, burn more calories, and keep your body warm in winter, so as to give you an hourglass like figure in the healthiest and fastest way.
MULTIFUNCTIONAL BODY SHAPER: Full body shaper provides back support, waist training, abdomen arms and legs compression, maintain a smooth curve of the back, abdomen, hips, and thighs.Help postpartum recovery, prevent fatigue and injury after exercise. Prevention of skin laxity after Slimming.
SCIENTIFIC SUTURE TECHNOLOGY: Breathable mesh under armpit and crotch to prevent odor after exercise.Overall Using four needle and six wire technology, each Suture is a natural transition.Strong and reliable. The best partner for your fitness.