Electric Heating Wrap for Neck and Shoulders, Dry & Moist Heat Therapy

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Homech Heating Pad
To help ease aches and pains, and reduce stiffness in the muscles and joints, Homech king size heating pad is a good way to provide heat therapy, or thermotherapy.
This heating pad wrap is designed to drape over your neck, shoulders, waist, whole back, and relieve the pain and tension you might feel.
It can help ease pain in joints, muscles, and soft tissues, reduce stiffness in the muscles and joints. This is a form of heat therapy, or thermotherapy.

Full Body Relaxation
You don't have to move to adjust it like a normal heating pad because it covers all the effect areas that you need heated. It is comfortable over your shoulders and the heat is evenly distributed through the whole thing.
Extra-large full-coverage heating pad works wonders to alleviate soreness, speed up muscle recovery & reinvigorate you.

Wearable Thermotherapy
There is no worry on slipping or falling off, no matter what you are doing: relaxing, working, doing household chores, and more.
Whatever you are doing, Running' Swimming' Riding a bicycle' Play football or Work out, after that, it will be a best helper for easing your pain. Or just enjoy the warmth brought by this heating pad in the cold winter.

Choose Moist or Dry Heat
Electric pad offers moist or dry heat therapy to help relieve body pain, stiff muscles and tension in your back, shoulders, neck, legs, abdomen and more.

Material: 100% polyester, Double-sided Micro-plush Fabric
Heating Pad Size: 35" x 27” King Size
Color: Dark Blue
Power Supply: AC 120V, 60Hz, Max 120W
Power Cord Length: 9.18ft

What’s in the Box:
1 x Electric Heating Pad Wrap
1 x Controller with power cord
1 x Instruction