Face Shields with Protective Clear Film, Elastic Band and Comfort Sponge. Eye Protection. (2 Pack)

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Size: 2 Pack

✓ Functional Face Shields with No Assembly Needed ✓ Comfortable, Durable, Quality Material ✓Easy to Adjust, Clean and Care for✓ MADE IN AMERICA. An American Manufacturer in the small town of Dexter, Minnesota started making these face shields for the current pandemic to be sent to hospitals. Considering the urgent necessity of protective supplies, the company used American Materials to produce these Face Shields as fast as possible. In fact, they are not fancy looking, but they work! Specially for people who are at high risk of contamination, but do not have time or possibility to make protecting equipment at home by themselves. Our company (Tada Cards) was asked to help distributing them to general public via Amazon. We know that even a small action can have a significant, positive contribution in this unfortunate situation. This is why we decided to participate in this project and take a little step towards our common goal of holding back the spread. We have very limited resources but lots of Hope in our hearts! Kam Rezvani Managing Member From Arizona Tada Cards LLC Thank you for reading this and Stay Safe!