Sous Vide Cooker,1100 Watt IPX7 Waterproof,Sous Vide Machine, with Accurate Temperature Control Digital Display, Includes 10pcs Vacuum Sealer Bags,by KitchenBoss

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SAFE IPX7 WATERPROOF: KitchenBoss Sous Vide is IPX7 Waterproof certified. It ensures safe and can cook continuously up to 10,000 hours. There is no risk of steam entering to the internal parts and hence has long durability and safety!
FAST BUT ACCURATE HEATING: KitchenBoss Sous Vide works under strong power of up to 1100 watts, and the fast heating system and unique 3D circulating pump design make the water temperature evenly maintained during cooking. The precision can up to ±0.5℃ for enhancing perfect cooking.
EASY TO USE: With the smart clamper, you can flexibly adjust the Sous Vide height to adapt to the different sizes of Sous Vide pots.KitchenBoss Sous Vide can cleverly remember your previous setting (temperature and time). When repeating the same recipe, you can simply press the start button, and all will be done automatically.Upon finishing cooking, the beeper tone will alert you.
CONVENIENT USER INTERFACE: The user-friendly touchscreen is easy to understand and operate.Also, the powerful CPU offers a precise temperature control between 40°C and 90°C(104°F-194°F),the stylish countdown light bar lets you clearly know the remaining cooking time.
EXCELLENT MATERIAL USED: The key component is made of aluminum alloy to protect the high-precision motor, safely and silently.The parts in contact with water contain zero plastic and made of toxin-free SUS304 stainless steel. The body is coated with piano mirror finish craftsmanship, not only a stylish appearance but also let you easy to clean.