Spill Stopper Lid Cover,Boil Over Safeguard,Silicone Spill Stopper Pot Pan Lid Multi-Function Cooking Tool,Kitchen Gadgets

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Material: Food Grade Silicone 

Packing: 1Green + 1Red

Weight: 220g

Product Size: 10.2 inch

Use the Spill Stopper and never worry about pots boiling over again. It works as both a lid and a splatter guard, it doesn’t spill all over your stove. Heat resistant to over 400-degrees. This lid is designed to prevent food or liquids from leaking from    your pans when cooking.

This lid features a steam-release vent and silicone handle that is easy to grip.

Easy to clean. Can be washed in a dishwasher.

It's the perfect solution to prevent food and oil spatter.

Multifonction: Use as both a lid and a splatter guard.Can be used in microwave and deep freeze

Using this cover, you get a more health kitchen countertop.

Choice of the best mothers and best cooks Silicone Lids For Pots And Pans anti spill lid cover.